One in ten women across the UK have been spiked, yet all too often this despicable crime goes unpunished. Scottish Conservative MSP Russell Findlay is proposing a Member’s Bill to finally tackle spiking in Scotland.
It’s vital that, on top of a rigorous academic education, our kids are equipped with the practical skills and know-how to get by in the outside world.
Our proposed Domestic Abuse Prevention Bill would establish a register for convicted abusers.
Our Bill will tackle the environmental damage and eye sore caused by fly-tipping.
Our Outdoor Education Bill will ensure that every Scottish school pupil can take part in at least one week of residential outdoor education.
Our Disability Commissioner Bill would protect and promote the rights of disabled people in Scotland.
A Local Care Service, to ensure resources are used for the frontline.
Our Local Policing Act will put bobbies back on the beat.
It is time to move Scotland as close to normality as possible for as many people as possible. That is the only way that we can recover fully from this pandemic.
No one should be discriminated against because of their ethnicity.