Teaching Life Skills in Schools 

It's vital that, on top of a rigorous academic education, our kids are equipped with the practical skills and know-how to get by in the outside world.

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☑️ Ensure every pupil leaves school with essential life skills

☑️ Every pupil to get a ‘life skills pack’

☑️ One-to-one career advice for every child

Scotland’s education system used to be world-leading, but the SNP have driven standards into the ground – and it’s not just children’s academic skills that have suffered. By tying teachers up in red tape, the SNP have hamstrung their ability to teach kids essential life skills.

Research has found that working-age households in Scotland feel worse about their finances than those in the rest of the UK. They are more likely to say that thinking about their finances makes them feel anxious and to feel like they have no control over their financial situation.

By teaching children essential personal finance, self-management and communication skills in schools from an early age, we can ensure that every child leaves school with the confidence and skills to thrive. A ‘life skills pack’ will be a permanent and valuable resource that children can refer back to throughout their early steps into adult life.

If we want to grow a productive, modern workforce in Scotland, and allow our children to succeed and thrive in later life, we must ensure every child is given one-to-one careers advice. According to a recent report, one in five young Scots received no careers advice or guidance whatsoever during their time at school, college or university. This is completely unacceptable.

Our career guidance reforms will broaden the horizons of young people throughout Scotland. They will help diversify our workforce by encouraging young people to pursue the route best suited to them rather than the route that is the most popular.

The SNP have neglected Scottish education for 16 years. The Scottish Conservatives want to change that.

We are committed to delivering for the real priorities of Scottish families – and ensuring our young people can thrive. Check out more of our proposals to fix Scotland’s education system, here. 

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