Taking the North East Forward

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Taking the North East Forward

Taking the North East Forward

The North East is a vital part of Scotland’s economy and society. For almost 50 years it has been at the forefront of energy security and innovation in the UK, and has been essential to Scotland’s world-leading tourism and food production

Yet the Central Belt-obsessed SNP has neglected the region for years. The SNP-Green Government in Holyrood is ignorant of the needs of rural and coastal communities. While their reckless opposition to further oil and gas exploration is risking tens of thousands of vital North Sea jobs.

The Scottish Conservatives are the only party that is standing up for the North East of Scotland. Our nine steps to take the North East forward will help grow the region’s economy, keep communities safe, improve transport infrastructure, and provide a modern, efficient, local NHS no matter where you live.

Click the link below to read our full plan to take the North East forward.


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