End Spiking in Scotland

One in ten women across the UK have been spiked, yet all too often this despicable crime goes unpunished. Scottish Conservative MSP Russell Findlay is proposing a Member's Bill to finally tackle spiking in Scotland.

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Spiking Bill

More training for venue staff to recognise and tackle spiking

Tougher punishments for spiking and possession of spiking drugs

Standardise spiking protocols across NHS

One in ten women across the UK have been spiked and yet this crime continues to go unpunished.  Just seven people were convicted of spiking offences in Scotland between 2018-2020.

That’s why Scottish Conservative MSP Russell Findlay will propose a Member’s Bill to tackle this awful crime. Current licensing regulations in Scotland do not require any specific protections against spiking, while victims are saying that the police do not preform the required tests fast enough. This is why we are proposing new standards for venues, so that they know how to help victims of spiking, and clearer punishments for this crime.


The proposed Bill would tackle spiking in three key ways. Firstly, it would require licensed venues to have anti-spiking measures in place, including testing kits and trained staff. Secondly, A new spiking offence would simplify existing law and make clear that possessing spiking drugs is a crime. Finally, there needs to be a joint procedure agreed by Police Scotland and the NHS on how to deal with spiking victims.

All too often the SNP’s justice system lets down the victims of crime – the Scottish Conservatives want to change that. Russell Findlay’s Spiking Bill will tackle this under-reported crime and put victims at the heart of our justice system.

Click here to read more about our proposals to fix the SNP’s soft-touch justice system.

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