Grasping the thistle- Our plan for economic growth

The Scottish Conservatives are the only party with a plan to deliver a wealthier Scotland, through economic growth.

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Grasping the thistle – Our plan for economic growth

Scotland faces significant challenges. Despite early signs of falling inflation, our economy remains fragile. Our NHS is at breaking point – with 1 in 7 Scots waiting for treatment. And our councils have had their budgets cut again and again.

Yet this SNP-Green Government has failed to deliver solutions for the challenges we face.

Instead of using Scotland’s £60 billion budget to deliver for people’s real priorities, the SNP are focused on campaigning for independence and managing our country’s decline.

We need real action to tackle the big challenges that Scotland is facing.

In order to keep our hospitals, our schools, our roads, and the services we take for granted every day running at the same level they are now, we need to boost economic growth.

If we don’t act now, then we risk leaving a poorer Scotland to the next generation. One in which education, job opportunities and the standard of care will all be worse than what we all have access to today.

Unlike the independence-obsessed SNP and their anti-growth Green partners, the Scottish Conservatives have a plan for Scotland’s economy.

The steps outlined in our strategy will grow the economy to create good, well-paid jobs and keep household bills low by reducing tax.

The Scottish Conservatives are the only party with a plan to deliver a wealthier Scotland, through economic growth.


1. Work together with the UK Government

Instead of picking fights with the UK Government, the Scottish Government should be working with the UK to maximise Scotland’s economic potential. We would establish a Joint Economic Board with ministers from both the Scottish and UK Governments, to drive our economic growth.

2. Implement a National Workforce Plan

We would implement a National Workforce Plan, to align skills in Scotland’s education system with needs of businesses and employers today and into the future. And we would invest in a universal skills offer to ensure that lifelong learning is available to everyone.

3. Invest in vital infrastructure

After years of the SNP’s anti-business agenda, we need to send a strong signal that Scotland is open to business. That’s why we would cut taxes to ensure that Scotland is competitive within the UK, and invest in vital infrastructure – like roads, ferries, ports, airports, and broadband.

4. Set up regional clusters of excellence

We would support Scottish businesses and entrepreneurship by establishing regional clusters of excellence, with the creation and expansion of innovation clusters and by streamlining support for research, entrepreneurship and Scottish exports.

Read our full strategy to find out more: Grasping the Thistle – A Plan for Economic Growth.

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