A Jobs First Approach to Net Zero

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A Jobs First Approach to Net Zero

The SNP Government has prioritised virtue-signalling and empty promises, over making real progress on achieving net zero. The SNP Government’s opposition to oil and gas exploration is putting hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk and jeopardising our energy security.

While the SNP habit of setting ambitious climate change targets without any practical strategy to deliver them, has resulted in Scotland falling behind key climate targets.

The Scottish Conservatives have published an energy strategy to deliver a sensible, practical transition to net zero. Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport, Liam Kerr MSP, has proposed a series of sensible and practical policies that achieve net zero while growing the Scottish economy, protecting jobs, and maximising energy security. These pragmatic solutions will help ensure that Scotland can deliver action on net zero targets, instead of just talk.

Our headline policies:

  1. Establish an independent Office for Net Zero. This would hold the Scottish Government and public bodies to account for delivering on climate goals.
  2. Pass a Community Energy Benefit Law. This would give communities a stake in any new energy developments, like windfarms, in their area and reduce bills locally.
  3. Support the continued exploration and production of new fields in the North Sea. This will protect oil and gas jobs and provide vital energy security.
  4. Support a new generation of Scottish nuclear power stations. To continue Scotland’s proud history of nuclear industry and help keep the lights switched on.
  5. Introduce a new Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Bill. To accelerate the rollout of EV charging points across the country.
  6. Introduce a Help to Renovate Scheme. The scheme would provide funding for insulation and energy efficiency improvements in rural homes, to help reduce emissions and keep bills low.
  7. Create a working definition of ‘Green Jobs’ and set up a National Centre for Green Jobs in Aberdeen. A national centre, based in the green energy-rich North East, would be fully dedicated to promoting green jobs in Scotland.
  8. Deliver a ‘Jobs First’ transition. In which energy projects will be assessed based on the number of jobs they create.
  9. Pay the course fees for any oil and gas worker wishing to reskill into the renewables sector. This will provide the much-needed financial support for oil and gas workers looking to transition into the renewables sector.
  10. Set a national target for the generation of solar energy. To provide market confidence for businesses to train and invest in solar energy staff, supply chains, and growth.


Click the link below to read our Jobs First Energy Strategy 👇

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