Your Local Priorities, not the SNP’s

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our Local Priorities, not the SNP’s - Featured Image

The Scottish Conservatives have today launched their election campaign for the 2022 local elections, under the slogan: Your local priorities, not the SNP’s.

At a launch event in Edinburgh, Leader Douglas Ross and local government spokesman Miles Briggs revealed that more Scottish Conservative candidates than ever before will be standing in the 2022 election to “deliver local action on local issues”.

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Speaking at the event, Douglas Ross said:

“This election will be all about your local priorities –investing in schools, repairing roads and building up local services.

“Instead of focusing on those key priorities and moving our country forward, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are only ever focused on one priority – chasing another divisive independence referendum.

“In May, it’s a clear choice between Nicola Sturgeon’s candidates and more years of distraction – or Scottish Conservative candidates to deliver local action on local issues.”

Over the last year, the Scottish Conservatives have been neck and neck with the SNP in local elections all over Scotland.

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And with Labour propping up the SNP in six councils in Scotland right now, we are the only real alternative to yet more years of SNP grievance and distraction.

At the Scottish Conservative conference last weekend, we unveiled a host of new policies – while at their own conference, Labour’s biggest announcement was a superficial change to their logo.

We are the only party ready to stand up to the SNP and deliver on your local priorities.

On the 5th of May, vote for Scotland’s second biggest party, the Scottish Conservatives, and together we can beat the SNP to get local action on your priorities.

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