Jeremy Balfour launches new Scottish Conservative Disability Group

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Image of Scottish Conservative MSP Jeremy Balfour, with text reading: Launched: Scottish Conservative Disability Group

The Scottish Conservatives are delighted to launch the new Scottish Conservative Disability Group, to promote the inclusion of disabled people at all levels of our politics.

The group, which has been set up by Scottish Conservative MSP for Lothian, Jeremy Balfour, aims to break down barriers faced by disabled people in politics and beyond.

Around one million people in Scotland – roughly 20% of the population – define themselves as disabled in one way or another. If the Scottish Parliament was truly representative, there would be roughly 26 MSPs with disabilities in the Chamber – a number we are far from reaching.

The SCDG aims to create pathways for more disabled people to get into elected office at both local and national levels, including those with physical or hidden disabilities.

The group will welcome a diverse membership of elected MSPs, MPs and councillors; political staff and activists; and most importantly those with lived experience of disability and caring for those with disability.

The SCDG will be a key force in the Scottish Conservatives’ implementation of Inclusion Scotland’s eight-point Access to Politics Charter to promote more disabled representation – and will help put disability inclusion at the heart of Scottish politics going forward.

The SCDG will also work closely with the Conservative Disability Group at Westminster to create a whole-UK approach to disabled inclusion in Conservative politics.

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