Disability Commissioner Bill

Our Disability Commissioner Bill would protect and promote the rights of disabled people in Scotland.

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Disability Commissioner Bill - Featured Image

Our Disability Commissioner Bill would introduce a Disability Commissioner to Scotland. Their role would be similar to that of the Children’s Commissioner, by protecting and promoting the rights of disabled people.

The Disability Commissioner would advocate for disabled people across a number of policy areas. Disabled people often face challenges in areas such as housing, employment and social care. A dedicated commissioner would be able to promote the rights of disabled people by interacting with stakeholders across sectors.

All disabled people would be able to go to the Commissioner for support. All disabilities, including physical, mental, hidden or fluctuating, will be encompassed by this Bill.

The Commissioner would be independent of the Scottish Government. It will also be funded through the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body and have a legal framework to allow them to promote and safeguard the rights of all disabled people. This may change in consultation.

The Commissioner would also work collaboratively with existing public bodies and organisations. Where powers and duties with these bodies overlap, memorandums of understanding could be used to establish what body should take action.

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