£1.5m and rising: Salary bill for civil servants working on indyref2 push

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£1.5m and rising: Salary bill for civil servants working on indyref2 push.

£1.5m and rising: salary bill for civil servants working on indy push

A Scottish Conservative Freedom of Information request has revealed the ever-rising cost of Nicola Sturgeon’s indy unit.

More than £1.5million of taxpayers’ cash is going toward funding a 25-strong team of civil servants to work on the SNP Government’s independence push, each year.

In light of the Supreme Court ruling that the Scottish Government cannot hold indyref2 next year, the Scottish Conservatives are demanding the team be disbanded immediately – with it’s members put back to work on the issues that actually matter to people in Scotland.

Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron accused the Scottish Government of wasting public money on its pet project while simultaneously imposing “savage cuts” on essential public services.

“This is just further proof that Nicola Sturgeon always puts her party’s interests before those of the country.”

“Nicola Sturgeon’s next step in pursuing her independence obsession is to try to frame the next General Election as a ‘de facto referendum’. It would be utterly scandalous if independent, publicly-funded civil servants continued to be used for what is now purely SNP campaigning.”


Join our campaign to tell Nicola Sturgeon to give it a rest – and focus on Scotland’s real priorities, now.

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