SNP must respect Supreme Court ruling and get back to work

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The SNP must respect the Supreme Court ruling, drop their indyref obsession and get back to work.

Today the Supreme Court came to the unanimous verdict that the Scottish Government does not have the legal authority to hold an independence referendum.

This clear verdict must now be respected by Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP Government.


The Scottish people have made it clear in poll after poll that they don’t want another referendum next year.

Yet Nicola Sturgeon insisted on taking this case to the Supreme Court at the cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Scottish taxpayer – and this ruling confirms that it was a waste of time and money.

Scotland faces enormous challenges right now. Our economy and our NHS are in crisis. We have a wave of public-sector strikes – including the first teachers’ strike in almost four decades. These key issues must be everyone’s top priority.

Holding another divisive referendum next year is the wrong priority at the worst possible time for Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon must now get back to work, drop her referendum obsession and focus on what really matters to the people of Scotland. 👇



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