The Scottish Conservatives Campaign Launch

26 Mar 2021 Posted in Featured, Latest Releases, Speeches, Top Stories

As we start this campaign, let me tell you directly why I’m asking for your vote in May. Yes, it’s to stop an SNP majority. It’s to stop them holding another referendum. And I’ll tell you today why it’s so … Continue reading

Secure our future

15 Mar 2021 Posted in Featured, Latest Releases, Speeches, Top Stories

Douglas Ross delivers his Leader’s Address at the Scottish Conservative Spring Conference 2021 Friends when I spoke to you four months ago at our last conference, I promised better days ahead. What none of us could have known back then, … Continue reading

Strengthen the Scottish Parliament to stop the SNP

9 Mar 2021 Posted in Featured, Speeches, Top Stories

On the 1st of July 1999, at the first state opening of the reconvened Scottish Parliament, Donald Dewar said “This is about more than our politics and our laws. This is about who we are, how we carry ourselves.”[1] That quote … Continue reading

End Division. No Referendum. Rebuild Scotland.

26 Feb 2021 Posted in Featured, Latest Releases, Speeches, Top Stories

I wanted to start today by talking about the crisis engulfing Scotland. An internal party civil war is running out of control, taking down our country with it. The SNP are dragging down the reputation of the Scottish Parliament and … Continue reading

Douglas Ross

The unionist response to the SNP’s push for indyref2

1 Feb 2021 Posted in Latest Releases, Speeches, Top Stories

In just three months’ time, people across Scotland will vote in the Scottish Parliament Election. It will seem incredible that, with everything else that is going on right now, there will also be an election. And though it will feel … Continue reading

Supporting business to rebuild

3 Dec 2020 Posted in Speeches

I started my speech to the Scottish Conservative conference recently with the word Hope And the fantastic news yesterday that the United Kingdom is the first country in the world to have a clinically approved Covid 19 vaccine available for … Continue reading

Douglas Ross’s speech to the Scottish Conservative Virtual Conference 2020

20 Nov 2020 Posted in Featured, Speeches, Top Stories

Rebuild our communities Hope. Such a small simple word that brings so much optimism about our future. There is hope after a series of positive announcements on vaccines that we’re turning a corner in our fight against Covid-19. After eight … Continue reading

Supporting our oil & gas industry

9 Nov 2020 Posted in Speeches

Thank you all for joining todays virtual discussion. It is good to have the opportunity to talk to workers and representatives from the oil and gas industry this morning Because this industry is facing acute challenges right now, both as … Continue reading