Scotland’s Economy

We need to focus on protecting jobs and our economic recovery from Covid, not on another divisive referendum.

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The SNP never focus on what’s important. Now that we are almost out of the health pandemic, we need to be completely focused on our economic recovery. However, the SNP have never put Scotland’s economy, our jobs and businesses first.

We are the only party that puts Scotland’s economy first. The Scottish Conservatives are the party of economic growth, and we will champion creating jobs and backing businesses to succeed. We believe that the Scottish Government should work together with the UK Government on a joint approach to deliver a stronger Scottish economy.

Scotland’s regions are as diverse economically as they are culturally. That is why we would set up regional enterprise agencies, to build the strengths of each region to achieve growth, whether that is financial services in Edinburgh, energy and renewables in the North East or agriculture in the Borders.

We believe that to keep Scotland competitive, Scotland must invest in its people. That’s why we would offer greater retraining opportunities, create a job security network to help those out of work to find new opportunities, and deliver unlimited apprenticeships for young people.

Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom is crucial for our economy. 60% of our trade occurs with other UK countries. To improve our export industry, we would establish a Scottish Export Institute and create a network of Scottish trade hubs in major UK cities to support exports and investment.

Our digital infrastructure is key to our economic success. However, the SNP’s superfast broadband rollout has been delayed by five years and will not be finished until 2026. The Scottish Conservatives would make investing in a full fibre connection for everyone across our country a key priority of our infrastructure spending.


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