Back to Normality

It is time to move Scotland as close to normality as possible for as many people as possible. That is the only way that we can recover fully from this pandemic.

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Back to Normality - featured image

As we move into this new phase of the pandemic, we cannot accept legally enforced restrictions as the new normal. We must now learn to live with Covid. The only way we can fully recover from this pandemic is if we bring Scotland closer to normality for as many people as possible.

That is why we have launched ‘Back to Normality’, a blueprint for living with Covid. 

We are proposing the phase-out of Test and Protect and the reinvestment of resources into frontline NHS services. We are also calling for the progressive removal of remaining restrictions and a continued reduction in the self-isolation period.

Personal responsibility must be the defining principle moving forwards. But there must also be a renewed focus on future preparedness. Our health research capacity should be enhanced to find cures for other diseases, while public health crisis teams should be maintained to encourage continued cross-government working.

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Back to Normality - featured image

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