A UK Government budget for growth and stability

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UK Government Budget delivers for Scotland

A UK Government budget for growth and stability

The Scottish Conservatives have welcomed UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s fantastic 2023 Budget, which will support hard-pressed families and vulnerable people in Scotland while boosting economic growth.

A Budget for growth and stability, the Chancellor’s announcements include a £320million boost for Scotland in Barnett Consequentials, on top of our record-breaking £42 billion block grant for 2023-24.

Scottish families will immediately benefit from a range of UK Government cost-of-living support measures, including:

The Energy Price Guarantee, which will be kept at £2,500 for an additional three months, saving a typical household £160.

A freeze in fuel duty, which will save the average driver £100 this year.

An end to the premium paid by those on pre-payment meters by adjusting the energy price guarantee.

And an increase in Universal Credit childcare payments for parents.

The Budget also included millions of pounds of direct investment in key projects across Scotland, including £8.6 million for Edinburgh’s iconic summer festivals.

South of the border, the Chancellor announced his intention to roll out 30 hours of free childcare to parents of all one and two-year-olds, to allow all parents to get back to work and boost our economic growth.

We are urging the SNP Government to use the additional Barnett Consequential funding generated by this commitment to rollout this fantastic scheme here in Scotland.

Shadow Finance and Economy Secretary Liz Smith has welcomed the Chancellor’s “budget for growth and stability”, calling it “great news for hard-pressed Scottish families”.

Liz Smith said, “All in all, this is a welcome package for Scots. And SNP ministers must now pass on the Barnett Consequentials the budget has generated, so that Scots enjoy the full benefits of it.”

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