Sturgeon refuses to lift classroom face mask restrictions

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Sturgeon refuses to lift classroom face masks restrictions - featured image

The Scottish Conservatives have expressed dismay at Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to defy expert opinion by maintaining face mask restrictions in classrooms.

Despite a series of medical experts and advisers insisting it is now safe for the curb to be lifted, the First Minister refused to budge in her latest Covid update to Parliament on Tuesday (Jan 25).

Given the widespread acceptance that wearing face masks has a negative effect on children’s education – particularly those with additional needs – the Scottish Conservatives can’t understand why the requirement remains in force.

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National Clinical Director Jason Leitch has said that “the day is coming” for masks in classrooms to go, while Professor Devi Sridhar and infections expert Dr Christine Tait-Burkard have also backed the change.

Professor Sridhar, who sits on the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 Advisory Group, stated that children should be the first to be allowed to return to normality, with masks in classrooms dropped.

Scottish Conservative Leader, Douglas Ross, said: 

“Throughout this pandemic, there has been agreement that children’s education must come first.

“But right now, adults can sit in workplaces and pubs without face masks, while young people in a classroom are still required to wear them.

“Advisors and experts are in agreement that they are no longer necessary. So what is Nicola Sturgeon waiting for? Why has the Scottish Government not set a date for the removal of masks in classrooms?

“Parents, pupils and teachers have been left in the dark once again.”

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