SNP ‘play nationalist games with children’s rights’

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The Scottish Conservatives today accused the SNP of ‘playing nationalist games with children’s rights’.

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Scottish Ministers over the legal competence of two Scottish Parliament bills.

The judgement said that the legislation had been drafted to “deliberately exceed the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament.”

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, Donald Cameron MSP, said: “This unanimous Supreme Court judgement confirms that the SNP shamefully used children’s rights to play nationalist games.

“There was never any dispute over the substance of the policy, only the legality of parts of the Bill. The Scottish Conservatives supported this legislation from the outset whilst pointing out the legal problems.

“But the SNP sought to politicise it from the very beginning. They cynically engineered and manipulated the timing of the Bill to facilitate a pre-election stunt where they provoked a grievance with the UK Government.

“The instant response from John Swinney to this decision was to make it all about nationalism, instead of focusing on children’s rights.

“The SNP’s disgraceful approach has delayed a Bill on children’s rights that every party in the Scottish Parliament supported. We hope they will now hastily apologise for doing so and make the necessary changes immediately so that this legislation, that all MSPs support, can be passed.

“The Scottish Conservatives are building the real alternative to the SNP so we can end this era of divisive nationalism for good.”

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