Rishi is the man to lead us through tough times

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Rishi Sunak stands at a podium in front of No. 10 Downing St for his first speech as Prime Minister

Douglas Ross MP MSPRishi is the man to lead us through tough times

By Douglas Ross


Rishi Sunak has become the UK’s new Prime Minister. With a track-record of delivering for Scotland and steering the economy through tough times, the former Chancellor is the best possible PM to take us through the huge global economic challenges that lie ahead.

Recent weeks have been difficult and unsettling for both the Conservative Party and, more importantly, the country.

Mistakes have been made. But with a new PM committed to ensuring economic stability, we can get things back on track.

The UK – like other countries around the world – faces tough economic challenges. Vladimir Putin’s appalling invasion of Ukraine has sent energy prices soaring, and the global economic shutdown caused by Covid-19 has led to rising inflation across the globe.

That’s why it’s so vital that we have someone at the helm with experience in running the nation’s finances. Someone who can provide economic stability and reassurance to the financial markets, while delivering help for ordinary families. Someone who can bring the nation together.

Rishi has already proven he is up to the task.


“Rishi will make the case for the strength and stability of the United Kingdom, every step of the way.”


During his time as Chancellor, he delivered unprecedented support to bring us safely through the Covid pandemic. His furlough scheme saved over a million Scottish jobs. He provided essential support for the most vulnerable, and huge additional funding for the NHS and the vaccine rollout.

Our new PM will place economic stability at the heart of his agenda – but he won’t ignore the Conservative Party’s demands for growth either.

Rishi has already delivered on the 2019 manifesto’s levelling-up agenda, which has seen £170million of direct investment in Scotland, bringing jobs and opportunities to communities around the country. And he will continue to level-up our country and promote sustainable growth for the future.

However, while our new Prime Minister is working tirelessly to save the economy and deliver for ordinary people, the SNP remain focused on pushing for a divisive independence referendum that would do just the opposite.

We cannot allow Nicola Sturgeon to continue prioritising her selfish independence obsession, while presiding over the decline of our police service, NHS and local councils, and doing nothing to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

Thankfully, in Rishi Sunak we have a PM who will deliver for Scotland and stand up to the SNP.

Rishi has the competence and compassion to lead us through the tough times ahead – and make the case for the strength and stability of the United Kingdom, every step of the way.


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