This General Election, we’re ready to beat the SNP in seats across Scotland

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Scottish Conservatives ready to beat the SNP

The General Election is an opportunity to beat the SNP up and down Scotland, and get the focus back onto the big challenges facing our country.

The SNP have said this General Election is all about independence. If they win the most seats on July 4th, they will spend the next five years campaigning for independence.

They will waste even more taxpayers’ money – your money – on their independence obsession.

But if we beat the SNP at this election, they will be forced to focus on what really matters to people across Scotland.

That means tackling soaring NHS waiting lists, improving our failing schools, boosting our economy and creating jobs.

In key seats right across Scotland, it’s neck and neck between the Scottish Conservatives and the SNP.

Only we can beat them and put an end their independence obsession for good.

So on July 4th, the choice is clear – vote for the Scottish Conservatives to beat the SNP candidate and get the focus onto your real priorities 🗳️ 👇


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