Nuclear a ‘triple win’ for Scotland – Scottish Conservatives

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Nuclear a ‘triple win’ for Scotland - Featured Image

The Scottish Conservatives are calling for a new generation of nuclear power stations – to hurt Putin, keep bills low and help us transition to Net Zero.

Nuclear energy produced over a quarter of Scotland’s electricity in 2020 – but the SNP are refusing to reverse their opposition to this low-carbon energy source.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has underlined the importance of energy security.

We can no longer afford to allow the SNP-Green’s immature understanding of our energy needs hold Scotland back.

It’s time for realistic, innovative thinking on our energy needs – and nuclear is part of this picture.

Scotland’s last nuclear power station at Torness is due to close in 2028.

We are now urging the SNP to reverse their stance on nuclear energy and begin work immediately to deliver a new generation of small nuclear reactors by this deadline.

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport, Liam Kerr explains:

“The appalling situation in Ukraine has underlined the importance of our energy security.

“With our last remaining nuclear power station set to shut down before the end of the decade, Scotland must begin work on a new generation of nuclear power stations now if we are to meet our future energy needs.

“The UK Government is already planning to invest hundreds of millions of pounds to deliver the next generation of clean, nuclear energy – and Scotland is set to miss out unless the SNP urgently U-turn on their irrational opposition to nuclear.

“Nuclear energy is low-carbon, safe and will help Scotland meet its environmental targets.

“Nuclear power is a triple win for Scotland. Not only will it strengthen our energy security, it will help us to reach net zero and bring vital jobs and investment to the country.”

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