Scottish Conservatives launch local manifesto

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Scottish Conservatives launch local manifesto - featured image

The Scottish Conservatives have launched their manifesto for the local government election elections which will take place on May 5th.

Leader Douglas Ross promised his party will be focused on delivering on people’s local priorities, not the SNP’s priorities.

Speaking in Glasgow, he urged pro-UK voters to unite around his party to send a message to Nicola Sturgeon for her 15 years of failing Scotland.

Douglas has also warned of the prospect of SNP-Labour coalitions across Scotland being unable to stand up to Nicola Sturgeon. Labour are currently in six council coalitions with the SNP across Scotland and dozens of Labour candidates are pro-independence or pro-indyref2.

The Scottish Conservative local manifesto includes policies such as:

  • Business rates-free zones on high streets.
  • Cutting council tax for almost a million households.
  • A commitment to oppose the SNP’s workplace parking tax.
  • A Pothole Action Fund to improve our roads and make driving safer.
  • A local tutoring scheme and provide additional support to help pupils catch up from lost learning.
  • A fairer deal for local communities with a set amount of the Scottish Budget going to councils each year.
  • A local care service to provide a guarantee against out-of-area care.

Launching the manifesto, Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said:

This election is an opportunity to get all of the focus onto your local priorities – not the SNP’s.

Scottish Conservative councillors will be totally focused on helping schools to catch up pupils, fixing local roads and protecting local services, all while keeping council tax increases low.

“We will stand up for your community against SNP Government centralisation and put your priorities first. 

“Our manifesto includes plans to rebuild local services, help local shops and high streets recover from the pandemic, and restore Scotland’s schools.

“It’s a manifesto that the silent majority of pro-UK voters can get behind to send a message to Nicola Sturgeon for her 15 years of failing Scotland.

“A vote for any other party could lead to a deal that will put the SNP into power in your local area. 

“Labour are already in coalition with the SNP in six councils, and the Lib Dems haven’t ruled out working with Nicola Sturgeon’s candidates either.

“Make your vote count by using it for Scottish Conservative candidates who will stand up to Nicola Sturgeon and deliver on your local priorities.”


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