A Labour councillor has joined the Scottish Conservatives

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Labour councillor joins the Scottish Conservatives - Feature Image

A Labour councillor in West Lothian has joined the Scottish Conservatives.

Douglas Ross welcomed Councillor Angela Doran-Timson to the Scottish Conservatives after she tendered her resignation to the local Labour group earlier today.

The Councillor for Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh said the move was down to Labour’s inability to stand up to the SNP and because she wanted to help create more jobs and help people into work, since she is also a work coach by profession.

Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said the move showed that the party is the real alternative to the SNP for working people across Scotland.

Councillor for Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh, Angela Doran-Timson, said: 

“Over and over again, Labour have been weak on the union and not strong enough in standing up to the SNP.

“At council meetings, they have not been prepared to oppose the SNP. Some in the Labour group would even be happy to see indyref2.

“I am joining the Scottish Conservatives because they are the only party strong enough to stop the SNP and the only party that stands up for Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom every time.

“As a work coach, I firmly believe we must be absolutely focused on creating more jobs and helping people back into work above all else. Our top priority has to be Scotland’s recovery, not another referendum.”

Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said: 

“I’m delighted to welcome Angela to the Scottish Conservatives and I know she will continue to be a great representative for local people in West Lothian.

“This gain proves once more that we are the real alternative for working people across Scotland who want to remove the SNP from power.

“More and more ex-Labour voters, just like Angela, have decided to vote Scottish Conservative in recent elections.

“While Labour fell backwards to their worst ever Holyrood result, we won more votes than ever before and more people like Angela are joining us as we build Scotland’s real alternative to the SNP.”

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