CAMPAIGN: Get Rid of Humza Yousaf

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Get rid of Humza Yousaf

🔗JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN to get rid of Humza Yousaf

Humza Yousaf is unfit to be First Minister. He has governed in the SNP’s interests, not Scotland’s interests. Now his government is in crisis. He must go.

In just over a year in power, he has presided over a litany of failures, U-turns, and scandal. Humza Yousaf is distracted by internal party squabbles and his break-up with the greens.

His disastrous nationalist government has abandoned oil and gas jobs, delayed vital road upgrades, backed dangerous gender self-ID laws, and seen Scotland’s school standards drop to their worst level on record.

He has focused on the wrong priorities and put his independence obsession above everything else.

Now, the toxic SNP-Green coalition that was propping up his leadership has fallen apart.

Humza Yousaf is a lame duck leader – he must go.

The Scottish Conservatives have brought forward a vote of no confidence in the First Minister.

Join our campaign to get rid of Humza Yousaf and get the focus back onto your real priorities 👇


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