Export figures show importance of UK market

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New Scottish export figures have demonstrated the crucial importance of Scotland remaining part the United Kingdom.

The new statistics show that Scotland exported £52 billion in goods and services to the rest of the UK – an increase of £2.5 billion.

That means 60% of our trade is with the rest of the UK.

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy, Liz Smith said: “These figures are further proof of the enormous benefit Scotland derives from being part of the UK.

“Hundreds of thousands of Scottish jobs are reliant on us being part of the Union, given that trade with the rest of the UK rose by £2.5b on the previous year, to £52b, and accounts for 60% of our total exports.

“It goes without saying that Scotland separating from its most important trading bloc would wreak huge economic damage – and yet that’s exactly the nightmare scenario the SNP, with their independence obsession, are hell-bent on creating.”

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