Criminals to serve only a third of sentence under SNP plans

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Criminals to serve only a third of sentence under SNP plans - Featured Image

Prisoners, including serious criminals serving long-term sentences, could be let out after serving just a third of their sentence, according to a new consultation from the SNP Government.

The consultation suggests allowing short-term prisoners to be automatically released after serving a third of their sentence, while long-term prisoners could be automatically considered for release by the parole board after serving the same period.

The SNP Government is also suggesting giving itself executive powers to release prisoners – allowing them to override judges’ sentencing decisions.

The Scottish Conservatives have slammed the SNP for watering down sentences and stacking the justice system in favour of criminals.

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Jamie Greene MSP, said:

“These reckless soft-touch justice proposals from the SNP Government are making prison sentences almost meaningless.

“If the SNP truly wanted to do something for victims, they would back the Scottish Conservatives’ calls to end automatic early release.

“Instead, they are intent on letting rapists and killers back on our streets after serving only a small fraction of their sentence.

“The SNP Government must stop stacking the odds in criminals’ favour and start putting victims first.”

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