Covid restrictions must be removed in February

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Covid restrictions must be removed in February - Featured Image

The Scottish Conservatives have called for the progressive removal of all Covid restrictions in February, with the exception of face masks in public places.

Leader Douglas Ross said more positive Covid data from the Scottish Government made it possible to start removing Covid restrictions.

He said the current rules-based approach should be phased out in favour of public health advice that people can use to keep themselves safe.

The latest Scottish Government projections and modelling shows that hospital occupancy and Covid cases will decline sharply from February onwards.

As a result, from 31 January, the Scottish Conservatives are calling for:

  • An end to all business restrictions
  • Guidance on household mixing and social distancing to end
  • The vaccine passport scheme to be scrapped
  • Face masks to no longer be used in schools
  • Guidance on working from home to be phased out
  • Self-isolation rules to be gradually phased out, with an aim to remove them entirely in the coming months

In Tuesday’s Covid update, the party are also seeking an immediate end to the ban on indoor sports.

Until the data becomes even more encouraging, the Scottish Conservatives believe face masks should still be required in public places, for instance in hospitality premises, supermarkets and public transport.

The party also believe it is vital the vaccination scheme continues to reach as many people as possible, and people continue to take Covid tests regularly.

In recent months, the Scottish Conservatives have forced U-turns from the SNP Government on mass vaccination centres and self-isolation rules.

Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said: 

“The Scottish Government’s own data shows that we are past the peak of Omicron. The latest evidence means we can now be far more optimistic.

“Protecting mental health, physical health and Scottish jobs is every bit as important as slowing the spread of Covid. Our economy and the long-term health of the public must not be held back any longer than necessary.

“We believe the balance must now tip in favour of trusting the Scottish public to do the right thing and keep themselves and their families safe, as they have done throughout this pandemic.

“People across Scotland have learned to live with Covid. The success of Scotland and the UK’s vaccine scheme means the public can now tackle Covid through their own actions, without the need for so many government restrictions.

“We will be pushing the SNP Government to examine their own data and progressively remove Covid restrictions. The current rules-based approach should be phased out in favour of less restrictive public health advice.”

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