SNP must delay vaccine passport plan

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Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross has said the SNP must order an “indefinite delay” to their shambolic vaccine passport plan immediately.

Thousands of people were unable to use the SNP vaccine passport app, which only launched 12 hours before the scheme began.

The Scottish Conservatives also called for Nicola Sturgeon to guarantee compensation to anyone who misses an event or any business who loses income solely because the SNP’s app does not work.

At First Minister’s Questions on Thursday, Douglas Ross said the scheme should be scrapped but if the SNP insisted on introducing it, a delay was essential. Nicola Sturgeon refused to back down.

On Wednesday, the Scottish Conservatives tried a last-ditch move to halt the scheme with a debate and vote in the Scottish Parliament. The SNP refused to accept any of the concerns of businesses or the opposition.

Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said: “The SNP Government has just a few hours to act quickly and prevent a weekend of chaos at venues across Scotland.

“Thousands of people will be at the football and going out to hospitality premises this weekend. At an incredibly challenging time, businesses will lose out if this app is still not working.

“This plan should really be scrapped altogether but, if the SNP insist on charging ahead, they must indefinitely delay the vaccine passport scheme until the most basic issues are ironed out.

“Nicola Sturgeon must go back to the drawing board.

“Nobody should miss out because of SNP incompetence. The government must guarantee compensation to any person or business who loses out solely because the SNP can’t deliver a working app that’s been in development for months.

“The SNP must order an emergency stop to this policy now, before it hurts businesses and jobs. So far, they have arrogantly ploughed on regardless, against warning after warning from the opposition and business.

“Why won’t Nicola Sturgeon just accept she’s got this wrong?”

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