61 failures of Nicola Sturgeon’s Government

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61 failures of Nicola Sturgeon's Government

Nicola Sturgeon was Scotland’s First Minister for more than eight years, but her time in office has not been the success the SNP want you to think.

Instead of focusing on Scotland’s real priorities, Nicola Sturgeon put her divisive independence obsession above all else, taking her eye off the ball on everything from drugs deaths, to education, to the NHS.

Here are the top 61 failures of the SNP Government, under Nicola Sturgeon 👇

1. Failed to close educational attainment gap

2. Children’s mental health targets never met in 8 years

3. Never met the 95% target for cancer patients being treated within 62 days

4. Wasted £250,000 on indyref2 court case

5. Spent £1.5 million per year on civil servants preparing for an unwanted indyref2

6. Misled parliament over Salmond inquiry

7. Botched Scotland’s census and went £27 million over budget

8. Failed to meet woodland creation targets

9. Cut Rural and Islands budget in real terms

10. Failed to deliver a new Agricultural Bill

11. Holding Scottish farming back by banning gene editing

12. Closed the Firth of Clyde to fishermen without consultation

13. Failed to roll out R100 superfast broadband for rural Scotland

14. Broke manifesto promise to invest £25 million into rural housing

15. Allowed double rapist to be sent to women’s jail

16. Voted to allow 16-year-olds to change gender

17. Gender Recognition Reform Bill

18. Voted down amendment to ban convicted sex offenders from changing gender

19. Overruled 46% of all planning decisions from local councils, since 2017

20. Missed target of building 50,000 affordable homes by 2021

21. Failed to finish transfer of welfare benefits powers, despite 2020 target

22. Failed to complete dualling of A9

23. Failed to meet emissions targets three years in a row

24. Failed to meet annual peatland restoration targets

25. 531 habitats and 603 species in Scotland in poor condition

26. Biggest timetable cuts in 30 years after nationalising ScotRail

27. Failed to commit to dualling A96

28. Abandoned plans for national energy company

29. Cost of Ferguson ferries reached £338 million – 3.5x over budget

30. Ferguson ferries six years overdue

31. Ferguson Marine ferry bid given preferential treatment

32. Failed to upgrade A83 Rest and Be Thankful

33. Spent £4.1 million on free mobile phones for prisoners

34. Rangers malicious prosecutions, costing taxpayers at least £51 million

35. Saw Fire Service response times get worse every year

36. Broke promise on ending automatic early release for prisoners

37. 610 fewer police officers on our streets

38. Violent crime at highest level since 2014

39. Criminalised what you say in the privacy of your own home via Hate Crime Bill

40. Increased income tax for half a million middle-earning Scots

41. Public paying £1 billion extra in income tax despite SNP promise not to raise it

42. Scotland’s economic growth lagging behind England

43. Scots’ disposable income lagging behind England

44. Alcohol-specific deaths up by 13%

45. Drugs deaths more than doubled since 2014

46. Nursing and midwifery vacancies tripled

47. Full-time GP numbers down by 5%

48. Worst A&E waiting times on record

49. Delayed discharge hit record levels

50. More than 750,000 people on NHS waiting lists

51. More than 1000 schools not inspected for 10 years

52. First teacher strikes in 40 years

53. Fewer schools than in 2014

54. Police investigating £600,000 of missing SNP donations

55. Botched rollout of interlinked fire alarm requirements

56. Almost 75,000 attacks on teachers in Scottish schools

57. Fewer primary school pupils meeting expected numeracy and literacy levels

58. Released dangerous prisoners who were wrongly risk assessed

59. Risked 100,000 Scottish oil and gas jobs by bringing Greens into government

60. No new nuclear for Scotland because of the SNP’s ideological opposition

61. Presided over exam fiasco which saw poorest kids have their results marked down


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