SNP running out of time to save Scots’ holidays to Spanish isles

20 Jul 2020

The SNP government has been warned it is running out of time to save the holidays of hardworking Scots who want to visit popular Spanish islands before the summer is out.

Nationalist ministers are still refusing to lift restrictions on travel to Spain, meaning airlines are reluctant to go there and anyone who does will have to quarantine for two weeks upon their return.

The Scottish Conservatives have said the SNP government should amend these restrictions to allow travel to islands away from the Spanish mainland which have had low rates of coronavirus.

That would mean people could still fly from Scotland to destinations like Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and the Canaries.

Scottish Conservative shadow economy secretary Maurice Golden said:

“These rules need to change before it’s too late for hardworking Scots to get a much-needed holiday.

“If mainland Spain has to stay on the banned list then most people would accept that, but there has to be a rethink on Spanish islands hundreds of miles away from the coastline.

“Places like Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and the Canary Islands are hugely popular with Scots for a number of reasons.

“But the SNP government has made it impossible for people to go there, meaning they won’t get a chance for a break after months of miserable lockdown.

“The SNP needs to apply some common sense to this and ensure there’s still an opportunity for people to go to these places before the summer’s over.”