Covid-19 complacency warning after 12 carers sent to same at-risk home

22 Jul 2020

The SNP government has been warned not to take its foot off the gas on coronavirus – after it emerged a vulnerable family had been visited by 12 different carers within a week.

It was reported this morning that the at-risk couple in Glasgow had to sanitise their home after every visit, and were fearful of contracting Covid-19 because of the churn of different people coming into their home.

The Scottish Conservatives said, given the SNP’s testing regime for carers was still well below-par, more had to be done to keep consistency with carers visiting vulnerable people.

Deputy leader Annie Wells also warned the SNP-run Glasgow City Council not to let standards slip just because the number of coronavirus cases were dropping.

And she added that if such a varying number of carers were being deployed in Glasgow, it could also be happening elsewhere in Scotland.

Speaking to the Glasgow Evening Times today, 76-year-old Jimmy Sweeney said: “Last week we had 12 carers come into the house, as opposed to the normal two or three. It is scary that we have 12 different people coming into the house when we are trying our best to stay safe at the moment.”

Scottish Conservative deputy leader and Glasgow MSP Annie Wells said:

“It’s obvious that sending such a high number of carers into the one house with vulnerable people is increasing the risk of spreading coronavirus.

“It’s hard to see why so many different carers would be required for one household when they usually only have two or three.

“If this is happening in Glasgow the chances are it’s occurring elsewhere in Scotland too.

“The SNP cannot afford to take its foot off the gas and get complacent just because the number of cases is on the decline.

“We know the testing regime for carers is still extremely poor, which makes sending multiple workers into the same at-risk home negligent and dangerous.”