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David Mundell speech to Scottish Conservative conference

4 Mar 2017 Posted in Speeches

Below is the speech by Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell to the Scottish Conservative conference. Check against delivery. “Thank you very much – I’m absolutely delighted to be here this morning. But I know you share my grief … Continue reading


Michael Fallon addresses Scottish Conservative conference

3 Mar 2017 Posted in Speeches

Below is the text of a speech made by defence secretary Michael Fallon to the Scottish Conservative conference today. Check against delivery. “It’s a pleasure to be back in Scotland. I’ve been spending a lot of time here recently. Last … Continue reading

Ruth and Theresa

Theresa May speech to Scottish Conservative conference

3 Mar 2017 Posted in All News, Latest Releases, Speeches, Top Stories

Please see below the speech made by Prime Minister Theresa May to today’s Scottish Conservative conference in Glasgow. Check against delivery. It is a great pleasure to be here in Glasgow at the biggest and best Scottish Conservative Conference for years. Last May you achieved our Party’s … Continue reading


Ruth’s speech to the LSE

13 Feb 2017 Posted in Speeches

“Good evening and can I thank Tony for his kind words of introduction. It is a real honour to be speaking at the LSE this evening and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. And firstly, let me say how calm … Continue reading


Murdo Fraser: Jobs boom would net SNP Government £800m

7 Feb 2017 Posted in Speeches

I want to start by quoting from a half-forgotten publication by well-known economist. It sets out a centrist approach to the economy, with a number of themes. First, that the best way to increase public spending is to grow the … Continue reading


Brexit offers “challenges and opportunities” to Scotland’s farming community

6 Feb 2017 Posted in Speeches

Please see a copy of Ruth Davidson’s speech to the AGM of the NFUS below. In it, she says that Brexit offers both “challenges and opportunities” to Scotland’s farming community. She also says she will adopt a “pragmatic” view on … Continue reading


Ruth speech to David Hume Institute in Edinburgh

31 Jan 2017 Posted in Speeches

Good evening and thank you very much once again for inviting me here this evening to talk to you. I am honoured, as always, to speak at the Dave Hume Institute as part of this regular series and I congratulate … Continue reading

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Ruth’s eulogy for Alex Johnstone’s funeral

16 Dec 2016 Posted in Speeches

I can’t quite believe we’re all here today, mourning the departure of Alex. He was such a big figure, not just in the Scottish Conservative party, or the North East, but in the parliament and in Scottish public life. He … Continue reading