Scottish Policy Forum

The Scottish Policy Forum is an integral part of the Scottish Conservatives’ policy review process and is the most direct way for our supporters to get involved in policy development.

If you would like any more information, be added to our database or send in your comments please contact spf@nullscottishconservatives.com.

Month Topic Deadline Consultation Summary
Mar/Apr (2018) Housing and Homelessness 30 Apr 2018 Download Download
May/Jun (2018) Education and Skills 29 Jun 2018 Download Download
Oct/Nov (2018) Social Security 30 Nov 2018 Download Download
Jan/Feb (2019) Justice and Penal Policy 15 Mar 2019 Download Download
Apr/May (2019) Sustainable Communities and Rural Affairs 24 May 2019 Download
Jul/Aug (2019) Health and Prevention 30 August 2019 Download
Sept/Oct (2019) Taxation and Economic Growth TBC