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Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP


Chief Whip and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change, Environment and Land Reform

Maurice Golden MSP



Deputy Leader and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Europe and External Affairs

Jackson Carlaw MSP

 Jackson Carlaw MSP


Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance

Murdo Fraser MSP



Transport and Infrastructure

Jamie Greene MSP




Bill Bowman MSP



Financial Sustainability

Tom Mason MSP



Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work

Dean Lockhart MSP



Business, Innovation and Energy and Deputy Chief Whip

Alexander Burnett MSP



Jobs, Employability and Skills

Jamie Halcro Johnston MSP



Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport

Miles Briggs MSP



Mental Health, Public Health and Equalities

Annie Wells MSP



Sport and wellbeing

Brian Whittle MSP



Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills

Liz Smith MSP



Further Education, Higher Education and Science

Oliver Mundell MSP

Oli Choice


Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Social Security

Michelle Ballantyne MSP



2021 Policy Coordinator, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity

Donald Cameron MSP


Natural Environment and the Digital Economy

Finlay Carson MSP



Peter Chapman MSP



Rural Affairs and the Islands

Edward Mountain MSP




John Scott MSP



Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Constitutional Relations

Adam Tomkins MSP



Welfare, Disability and Older People 

Jeremy Balfour MSP

Jeremy Balfour MSP


Housing and Planning

Graham Simpson MSP



Local Government, International Development and Migration

Alexander Stewart MSP



Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice

Liam Kerr MSP



Trade, Investment and Legal Affairs

Gordon Lindhurst MSP


Community Safety and Veterans Affairs

Maurice Corry MSP



Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Culture and Tourism

Rachael Hamilton MSP



Children and Young People

Alison Harris MSP



Margaret Mitchell MSP