Slovak “Freedom” and Second Chances

16 Sep 2014 Posted in Opinions

It is a battle of the heads and the hearts. The two referendum campaigns have fought on both of these fronts for over 2 years. The debate has brought out the best and the worst in Scottish politics and it … Continue reading

Ruth Davidson MSP

Time for Holyrood to remember you: the taxpayer

9 Jun 2014 Posted in Opinions

Ruth Davidson MSP – Time for Holyrood to remember you: the taxpayer (a shortened version of this article appeared in the Mail on Sunday) The word ‘radical’ is an overused term among politicians. But I’d like to think that the Scottish … Continue reading

Ruth Davidson MSP

Separating The Country I Love? No Thanks.

1 May 2014 Posted in Opinions, Top Stories

I’m voting ‘No’ in September not because I lack faith in Scotland. I’m voting ‘No’ because I’m proud of everything Scotland has achieved, and continues to achieve, as part of our UK family of nations. It is an article of … Continue reading

Struan Stevenson MEP

EU Must Reform or Face Backlash at the Polls

27 Feb 2014 Posted in Opinions

Valérie Trierweiler – former mistress of Francois Hollande – is not the only woman who now regards the French President with disdain. With the breakdown of the Franco-German alliance, Angela Merkel is determined to woo David Cameron. There is no … Continue reading

John Lamont MSP

A Victory for Democracy

18 Feb 2014 Posted in Opinions

Walking onto the stage of Kelso’s Tait Hall on Sunday evening, I couldn’t quite believe the sight that confronted me. It was 5 o’clock on what was a cold and dark February night. It was the kind of evening, in … Continue reading


From Slovakia to the UK – with love

11 Feb 2014 Posted in Opinions

  Slovak Marek Zemanik, policy officer at the Scottish Conservatives, settled in Scotland after studying for his Masters here and then falling in love with a local girl. Here he describes why he’s backing the United Kingdom in the referendum, … Continue reading

If you want a Scandinavian Scotland, vote Tory

13 Dec 2012 Posted in Opinions

Tom Miers has written has written a very perceptive article on the reality of Northern European health and welfare systems. And look out for the comparison with East Germany, a country we seem to be hearing more about these days. http://www.thinkscotland.org/todays-thinking/articles.html?read_full=11827&article=www.thinkscotland.org