Strengthening devolution and protecting the Union

12 Jun 2018 Posted in Opinions

As a Scottish Conservative and Unionist my role is to deliver for the moderate majority in Scotland, who want to see devolution succeed, and the Union protected. The proposals for Scotland in the Government’s Withdrawal Bill today, voted on by … Continue reading

Solving the Productivity Puzzle

3 Oct 2017 Posted in Opinions, Top Stories

We all know that we have a problem with productivity in the Scottish economy. Productivity grew 20 per cent in the first eight years of the Scottish Parliament. But during the SNP’s decade in power, it increased by only 2% … Continue reading


23 Aug 2017 Posted in Opinions, Top Stories

Each year, the publication of the annual Government Expenditure & Revenue Scotland (GERS) figures is accompanied by an unprecedented social media storm. The figures, which are compiled by Scottish Government statisticians, are often misunderstood, misrepresented and misused. Let us therefore … Continue reading

This SNP Government has given up governing for all of Scotland

14 Mar 2017 Posted in Opinions

This article first appeared in the Daily Mail. Since they took office ten long years ago, the SNP’s boast has been that they “speak for Scotland.” Yesterday will go down as the day that this typically arrogant claim was smashed … Continue reading

New report confirms – an independent Scotland would have to apply to get into EU

21 Feb 2017 Posted in Opinions

I voted to remain in the EU despite its shortcomings. The common market is a good thing; the rest, from the Euro to the Common Fisheries Policy, the Strasbourg travelling circus to the Common Agricultural Policy, not so much. If … Continue reading

Brexit is no reason for Scotland to go it alone

19 Oct 2016 Posted in Opinions

The article below, in which Ruth warns that the SNP need to put pragmatic decision-making before the politics of nationalism, appeared in the Financial Times. For all the questions being asked in Scotland about Britain’s departure from the EU, none is … Continue reading

We will represent the moderates that Labour has now abandoned

28 Sep 2016 Posted in Opinions

Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election marks the demise of the Labour party as a credible UK political force. His victory last year could have been written off as a spasm. But yesterday’s result has confirmed the fact that the unelectable hard left … Continue reading

Time for a Scottish Alternative

10 Aug 2015 Posted in All News, Opinions, Top Stories

By Ruth Davidson Welcome to election year. Again. No sooner has the General Election been completed than a new political year is getting underway which will decide the makeup of the Scottish Parliament. Scotland’s voters will be forgiven if they are … Continue reading