UK government funds £100m lifeline for Scottish cultural sector

6 Jul 2020

The Scottish Conservatives have welcomed the UK Government’s significant £97m funding boost for Scotland as a result of a rescue package for the arts community, announced today.

The cash is due to Scotland as part of a UK-wide package of funding for Britain’s arts, culture and heritage industries totalling £1.57 billion.

The money is a rescue package to help those cultural organisations weather the impact of coronavirus, the government has announced.

As a result of these funds, thousands of organisations across a range of sectors including the performing arts and theatres, heritage, historic palaces, museums, galleries, live music and independent cinema in the rest of the UK will be able to access emergency grants and loans. 

The Scottish Conservatives have welcomed this cash as it could be a ‘lifeline’ for the struggling Scottish arts sector and called on the SNP government to use the money to secure the future of the sector.

Maurice Golden, Scottish Conservative shadow economy and culture secretary said;

“This substantial £97 million investment in Scotland from the UK government as a result of the rescue package for cultural institutions is very welcome indeed.

“The Scottish Government must now follow suit and use this extra money to support Scotland’s successful cultural sector and secure the future of our globally recognised arts industry.

“Our dynamic cultural and arts organisations have taken a huge financial hit as a result of coronavirus and this money could be a lifeline for many.

“The Scottish arts sector makes a staggering contribution to our economy as well as our cultural wellbeing.

“This funding is just part of the package of measures rolled out by the UK government to support all sectors of the Scottish economy through this pandemic – including the jobs of nearly 800,000 Scots many of whom work in our arts and culture organisations.”