Sturgeon’s ‘go-slow’ approach risks holding Scotland back ‘socially and economically’

23 Jun 2020

Nicola Sturgeon risks holding Scotland back “socially and economically” if she continues a “go-slow” approach while other parts of the UK reduce social distancing to one metre.

Today, the Prime Minister confirmed a number of changes to help restart the economy and allow people more freedom in their everyday lives.

That includes allowing pubs and restaurants to reopen and for people to stay overnight at another household.

However, the First Minister is sticking by her strategy of maintaining a two-metre social distancing rule, which is hampering thousands of businesses from reopening.

Now the Scottish Conservatives have urged the SNP government to urgently review the situation to halt the economic decline and improve the mental health of the nation.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“There’s no doubt that elsewhere in the UK things are really beginning to happen.

“The risk now is that Scotland is left behind socially and economically.

“It will be very difficult for people here to look on as England, and indeed the rest of Europe, begins a return to normal.

“It will also be very costly for businesses, industries like tourism and hospitality, and the mental health of the nation.

“The people of Scotland will not accept a go-slow approach from Nicola Sturgeon much longer.”