Scottish Conservatives force emergency Swinney statement

22 Jun 2020

John Swinney is to make a statement this week to Holyrood on the SNP education crisis following pressure from the Scottish Conservatives.

Yesterday, the party demanded the SNP government addressed MSPs on the widely-criticised plans for blended learning before leaving for summer recess.

And today, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed her education secretary would make the statement in the Scottish Parliament tomorrow.

Shadow education secretary Jamie Greene welcomed the move, pointing out pupils, parents and teachers were all keen to hear an update from ministers.

Since unveiling proposals for some children to attend school just once a week from August, the SNP government has been blasted by experts, parents, opposition parties and even some of its own MSPs.

Scottish Conservative shadow education secretary Jamie Greene said:

“It should not have taken opposition parties to drag John Swinney and this SNP government to parliament to explain themselves.

“The furore surrounding the SNP’s plans for re-opening schools is symptomatic of its decade-long shambolic stewardship of Scotland’s education system.

“Parents are fuming and want answers from this SNP government.

“If it wasn’t for the Sottish Conservatives harnessing the anger of those parents and demanding this statement, Mr Swinney would be nowhere to be seen.

“The time for passing the buck is up, and we must get clarity from the SNP this week before its ministers swan off on holiday.”