Scotland’s high food standards set to continue

26 Jun 2020

At the Scottish Affairs committee meeting yesterday, NFUS Policy Director, Jonnie Hall confirmed that Scottish food standards were not due to be watered down in any way.

Mr Hall was giving evidence to the committee on the impact of coronavirus on Scotland’s food and drink sector.

During the session, Mr Hall confirmed that there had been no vote in the UK Parliament to reduce standards and that all our current standards are part of the EU withdrawal Act and will become British law.

In addition, Mr Hall stated that there is no trade deal anywhere in the world where standards are imposed by one country onto another, so there is no possibility of handing control of our food standards to another country.

Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservative MP for Moray said that this was welcome confirmation of what the UK Government has already stated:

“This is indeed welcome confirmation of the UK Government’s position on food standards.

“The Scottish Conservatives have been absolutely clear that there is no threat to our high food standards – now or in the future.

“The SNP’s disgraceful scaremongering on this issue has been purely opportunistic.

“We all want to see Scottish food enjoyed across the world, and Scottish food producers taking advantage of new markets around the globe.

“I hope Scottish farmers will be reassured by NFU Scotland’s Director of Policy confirming that MPs have not voted to reduce standards and that the current high standards we have will be written in British Law through the EU withdrawal Act this Conservative government passed.”