Councils facing Covid bill of three quarters of a billion

26 Jun 2020

Councils are likely to be three quarters of a billion pounds out of pocket from the Covid crisis, according to the latest figures released by Cosla.

The organisation has published the estimated costs for the full year using the most up to date information possible including the Scottish Government’s own Route Map out of lockdown.

The financial impact of Covid on local authorities for the entire year 2020-2021 is estimated at £739m.

The Scottish Conservatives have demanded that local taxpayers are not saddled with this staggering bill and the SNP government funds these costs in full.

Graham Simpson, Scottish Conservative shadow communities secretary said:

“Councils have been on the frontlines of the Covid crisis and have clearly born the extremely high costs associated.

“Local authorities simply cannot pay out this kind of cash and not only would it be unfair to burden local taxpayers with the bill, it could jeopardise our economic recovery.

“For too long the SNP has slashed local authority budgets to the bone and still expected additional services.

“This is completely unsustainable and with the additional UK funding, there is no excuse for it.

“The SNP government must commit to covering this entire amount without question.”