Still no answer from SNP on currency, black holes and hard borders

14 Oct 2019

SNP finance secretary Derek Mackay claims he’s won the economic argument on independence – despite having no answers on currency, a black hole worth billions and additional problems created by a hard border between Scotland and England.

Speaking at the nationalists’ conference today, he said Scotland could no longer afford the union, but “it can more than afford to be independent”.

This is despite Nicola Sturgeon’s admission that her bid for separation could lead to a barrier between Scotland and a market worth billions of pounds each year in trade.

And despite debating the economic case for independence, the SNP conference has still failed to come up with a solution for what currency a separate country would use, and how to address a gap in finances of more than £12 billion.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“The SNP’s economic case for independence has never been weaker.

“Not only have the nationalists repeatedly failed to address the issues surrounding currency and how to plug a black hole worth billions of pounds.

“Now we have Nicola Sturgeon admitting a hard border could be put up if her plans to break Scotland away from the rest of the UK come to fruition.

“All of this would make Scotland poorer, our businesses less competitive and put hardworking Scots right up against it.

“Instead, the Scottish Government should be focusing on working with its Westminster counterparts to make a success of Brexit, and ensure Scotland has a prosperous future at the heart of the UK.”