“Errand boy” Corbyn to get his SNP “shopping list”

13 Oct 2019

Today’s SNP Conference will see Jeremy Corbyn being handed his “Nationalist shopping list” by Nicola Sturgeon, ahead of an imminent general election.

Top of the list will be the powers to hold another divisive second independence referendum – which the SNP has already named as the price of their support for a future Labour government.

The Scottish Conservatives are today stepping up warnings that Prime Minister Corbyn would end up acting as Sturgeon’s “errand boy”.

In contrast, the Conservative government has already made clear it will oppose any attempt by the SNP to demand a second referendum, just 5 years since the last one.

Jackson Carlaw, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said today:

“This SNP conference is about Nicola Sturgeon handing Jeremy Corbyn her shopping list of pre-election demands. Top of the pile, of course, will be the powers to hold another divisive independence referendum whenever she decides it is in her interests to hold one.

“It’s no wonder Nicola Sturgeon feels she can do so – Mr Corbyn has already made clear he is prepared to run around on her command and be at her beck and call.

“Thousands of Scottish Labour voters have stood loyally by their party over the last few years in the hope their party would back their decision to remain in the UK. For the leader of their party to be reduced to Nicola Sturgeon’s errand boy is the final straw.

“We say to them, and all pro-Union voters across Scotland– Scottish Conservatives will stand up to Nicola Sturgeon, and will stop Scotland from going back to yet more division.”

A senior Scottish Conservative source added:

“People in Scotland have changed their minds about Corbyn. Two years ago, they were worried about his extreme views. Now they just see him as weak and woolly. In some ways, that’s even worse for Labour because now pro-Union Scots just don’t think he has the guts to stand up to Sturgeon.

“That will be a key message for us in the coming campaign – the real risk to Scotland is of a weak Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn being worked from the back by Nicola Sturgeon.

“Just think of a negotiation between them if Labour become the largest party. On one side of the table, you’ve got Nicola Sturgeon who has spent a lifetime plotting to deliver independence. On the other, you’ve got Corbyn who thinks Scotland is already a foreign country. Corbyn would roll over in a heart-beat.”