SNP’s programme for government failures exposed

2 Sep 2019

Dozens of failed pledges made in previous SNP programmes for government have been exposed – the day before Nicola Sturgeon sets out her plans for 2019/20.

Research by the Scottish Conservatives has revealed 30 botched promises made in statements in recent years, which traditionally kick-off the annual parliamentary term.

Across all major devolved briefs, the nationalists have repeated failed to deliver on a range of key policies.

In education, they’ve fallen short on the pledge to narrow the attainment gap and dropped an Education Bill that was meant to give “more powers to headteachers, more support to teachers and strengthen the role of parents”.

Scotland’s economy is also counting the cost of failed programme for government measures, with a growth scheme that was meant to deliver £500 million way off course, and the commitment to reduce air departure tax scrapped.

In health, SNP councils have already spoken about dropping the very same Frank’s Law that was only legislated for last year, and a drive to recruit mental health workers has fallen woefully short.

And on welfare, the SNP has delayed delivery of its funeral expense benefit, handed back powers on newly-devolved areas of welfare, and its new social security agency is falling short of recruitment targets.

Scottish Conservative chief whip Maurice Golden said:

“Every year Nicola Sturgeon sets out a range of warm-worded promises, and every year she fails to deliver.

“This is what happens when a nationalist government obsesses about breaking up Britain at the cost of the everyday priorities that should be its concern.

“We can see here that pledges on everything from health and education to justice and the environment have been abandoned, fallen short or simply vanished into thin air.

“With that in mind, why should any sensible voter take seriously what they hear from Nicola Sturgeon this time around.

“The programme for government presents an opportunity for the Scottish Government to make a real difference to people’s lives, to the wellbeing of business, and to the health of Scotland’s economy.

“Instead, the SNP repeatedly squanders these chances, and that’s the hallmark of a complacent and negligent government.”