SNP silence on future of Scottish farming “unacceptable”

5 Jun 2019

Scottish famers remain in the dark about the future funding of the sector despite other UK nations having laid out their plans for their farmers post-Brexit.

So far, the SNP has failed to produce any detailed plan for future support for Scottish farmers, who, due to the nature of Scottish agriculture will be profoundly affected by any changes.

Earlier this week the Welsh Minister for Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths outlined that Wales will introduce a new farming support scheme after 2021. 

This follows an announcement from the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove that England will phase out Basic Payments and a new, environmentally based, system will be in place by 2028.

The Scottish Conservatives have said that this wait is utterly unacceptable and the SNP must now publish their plans to the Scottish farming community.

Donald Cameron, Scottish Conservative Shadow Rural Economy Secretary said:

“Scottish farmers need clarity but the SNP continues to say nothing, even though England and Wales have now gone public with their policies.

“Leaving the EU presents an opportunity for Scotland’s farmers, but the SNP must prepare for this change and communicate its plans to Scottish farmers as a matter of urgency.

“Keeping silent in this way is utterly unacceptable – there is simply no excuse for such a lengthy delay.

“Either the SNP is refusing to accept reality or it has simply failed to prepare properly.

“The SNP must now present its plans to the Scottish farming community and let them judge.”