Scores write to Sturgeon’s team complaining about trains

5 Apr 2019

Dozens of commuters are so fed up of Scotland’s train services they’ve written specifically to the First Minister and her transport minister to complain.

Freedom of Information responses have revealed that, in the space of just two months last year, 83 people put pen to paper explaining how they were “scunnered” with the “abysmal” train service they have been subjected to.

The messages, from commuters and those travelling for social occasions, detail a catalogue of disaster involving late, cancelled and overcrowded trains on a daily basis.

The emails – some from SNP supporters – outline the public’s frustration, annoyance and stress due to the shambolic state of Scotland’s railways.

Many of them also outline the cost such disruption is causing to their personal and professional lives.

One email states: “We are thoroughly scunnered with this abysmal service.” Another adds: “It is like we have gone back to the dark ages.”

A voter who travels to work by train said: “I’m beginning to question whether I need to return to commuting by car.”

And a fed-up traveller concluded: “ScotRail are making false promises and apologies from them are worthless.”

The emails were received in November and December 2018.

Scottish Conservative transport spokesman Jamie Greene said:

“These emails to the First Minister highlight the devastating effects of Scotland’s appalling train service on the travelling public.

“Commuters are regularly subjected to late, cancelled and overcrowded trains at an extremely high financial and personal cost.

“It is astonishing that the SNP government is still failing to ensure that travellers receive a decent service.

“Despite these letters, and the myriad reports of ScotRail failing to reach its targets, Nicola Sturgeon’s government has done nothing to improve train travel in Scotland.

“The SNP government received 83 complaints letters in only two months last year – when will they get a grip of this situation?”