Sturgeon’s Brexit march attendance ‘a scam’

24 Mar 2019

Nicola Sturgeon’s attendance at a Brexit protest march in London has been described as a “scam” to stoke up support for independence.

The First Minister spent the weekend addressing crowds opposed to leaving the EU, and even posed for “selfies” with Tony Blair’s right-hand man Alastair Campbell.

And today she appeared in TV studios to say the case for independence had been made “very, very powerfully” as a result.

The Scottish Conservatives said that revealed the true motive of her visit, and that she had nothing of substance to offer the Brexit debate itself.

Scottish Conservative constitution spokesman Adam Tomkins said:

“Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to London was a scam.

“She wasn’t there because she cares about the UK leaving the EU, or to try and influence proceedings in coming days.

“She was there to agitate for a second independence referendum, and to set Scotland up for even more years of division.

“Independence is the only thing on her radar. Her obsession is stopping Scotland from getting on and doing the things that really matter to people.

“And just as the SNP’s posturing on the Iraq war was opportunistic, so too is Nicola Sturgeon’s opposition to Brexit – as her grinning selfie with Alastair Campbell proves.”