Carlaw welcomes mesh implant removal announcement

8 Mar 2019

The Scottish Conservatives have welcomed the latest announcement by the Scottish Government on the issue of mesh implant removal.

In response to a parliamentary question asked by Jackson Carlaw, the Scottish Conservative interim leader, the Health Secretary, Jeanne Freeman confirmed that the Scottish Government will “look again at the course of care for patients suffering complications. In particular and where reasonable, I want them to ensure women have some choice regarding the place of treatment and the clinicians involved.”

The Health Secretary also committed to a series of measures that would engage with international experts, review the course and organisation of care for patients, and identify the resource requirements to provide the service patients need.

The Scottish Government will also organise a meeting with a representative group of campaigners in order to seek their views on service development.

The move follows a debate in the Scottish Parliament calling on the SG to allow a St Louis based surgeon, Dr Dionysis Veronikis to carry out full mesh removals in Scotland. Dr Veronkiks has offered his services, stating that he would come for the initial period of one month to conduct full mesh removal surgery.

Jackson Carlaw, Scottish Conservative interim leader said;

“I welcome this announcement from the Health Secretary.

“This is a step forward for women in Scotland seeking full mesh removal and is a great result for campaigners, Elaine Holmes, Olive McIilroy and Marion Scott.

“This announcement opens the door to more clinical working with mesh experts in other parts of the world.

“This battle has been a protracted one but this does look like a victory.

“I now, very much hope that the SNP government will stick to their word and give mesh survivors these much needed options.”