Stop the SNP’s Car Park Tax

15 Feb 2019

Car Park Tax New

Let us know you are against the car park tax.

The Budget going through the Scottish Parliament just now proposes powers that could see ordinary Scottish workers hit in the pocket with a £500-a-year penalty just for parking in work spaces.

It would be nothing short of a tax on driving to work.

Already, thousands of working people are protesting about the SNP’s plans and business groups and trade unions have also condemned the proposed charge.

Now we need to put as much pressure as possible on the SNP Scottish Government to ditch its plan before it’s voted on in the Scottish Parliament.

Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives will oppose the SNP’s workplace car park tax, but we need your help to do it.

So if you’re against the SNP’s plans to make Scottish workers pay £500 each year to park at work, please let us know here.

Together we can stop the SNP’s workplace car park tax