SNP drug strategy ‘dangerously complacent’

28 Nov 2018

The Scottish Conservatives have labelled the SNP Government’s drugs strategy a ‘tragic missed opportunity’ and ‘dangerously complacent’.

The strategy, unveiled today, fails to include reviews of drug related deaths or any mention of reviewing the methadone programme, implicated in half of all drug deaths.

Tellingly, there are also no targets attached to the strategy.

There is, however, support for safe consumption rooms, which would see addicts simply maintaining their addiction.

The Scottish Government strategy has been published after the Scottish Conservatives’ recent plan to reduce drug deaths, improve access to rehabilitation and actively engage with addicts to encourage them to come off drugs.

The Scottish Conservative strategy would halve the number of drug deaths in 5 years and increase the number of problem drug users accessing treatment from just 40% to the UK average of 60%.

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary said:

“The SNP Government drugs strategy is a tragic missed opportunity to tackle the drugs crisis in our country.

“More than 1,000 people are likely to die from drug addiction next year. That is a scandal.

“This SNP Government strategy is mostly a continuation of the failed strategy that has seen drug deaths double over the last ten years.

“In addition, the SNP Government has cut the funding for drug and alcohol partnerships by £20 million.

“Unlike the SNP the Scottish Conservatives are not willing to give up on problem drug users.

“The SNP’s dangerous complacency means lives will continue to be destroyed, families will be wrecked and communities dominated by the increasing threat of illegal drugs.”