SNP presiding over a legislation-free zone

7 Oct 2018

The Scottish Conservatives have lambasted the SNP Government for their inability to progress any legislation since summer recess as the SNP gathers for their annual conference.

Analysis by the party shows that, for the first time in fifteen years, no legislation has been put before Holyrood for consideration in the first half-term of the parliamentary year.

Indeed, it is only the second time this has happened since the Scottish Parliament was created in 1999.

It comes with the SNP having dumped their own flagship education bill – which, last year, Ministers claimed would be the most fundamental reform of education for a generation.

The Scottish Conservatives are today calling to the SNP to focus on the priorities of the Scottish people and progress legislation on victims’ rights and supporting headteachers.

Maurice Golden, Scottish Conservative chief whip said:

“Under the SNP, the Scottish Parliament has become a legislation-free zone.

“The SNP has even dropped its flagship education bill.

“The people of Scotland deserve a government that is working for them, not mired in division over IndyRef2.

“The majority of Scots want the SNP to focus on progressing legislation such as strengthening victims’ rights, giving our animals greater protection and supporting our headteachers.

“Those are the priorities of the Scottish people, not IndyRef2.”